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Tatiana Kryukova

Lead Specialist of Client Service TFL. Moscow

“I have no bad habits. But only love for business trips”.
Personal characteristic

Being a devoted traveler and theatergoer, Tatiana is also fond of sports such as volleyball, swimming, table tennis. Right now she is studying English.

Professional interests

She knows firsthand a specific nature of most ports and customs of the Russian Federation. She has experience of work with a variety of product groups, from dishware and fabrics to metal. Tatiana likes business trips.

Interesting fact about me:

She was born in Insar (the city is located in the Republic of Mordovia), Tatiana graduated from V.P. Goryachkin Moscow State Agro Engineering University majoring in Applied Computer Science in Economics.

Personal characteristic

Professional interests

Interesting fact about me:

Anna Uzintseva

Specialist of Client Service TFL.Moscow

“I will be brief. Brevity is generally important to transport routes”.
Personal characteristic

Anna has been fascinated with aviation since childhood (her favorite book is The Airport by Arthur Hailey), and everything related to aviation. She finds time for dancing, singing and sports such as pilates and court tennis. Now she deals with work of love - professional or personal growth. She deems working inspiration to be a reward, other than a condition of successful progress.

Professional interests

Being a universal professional, Anna does not specialize in any particular area of logistics, she is interested in every task.

Interesting fact about me:

Anna studied (which is obviously for an aviation devotee) at Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation.

Anastasia Federova

Lead Specialist of Client Service TFL. Moscow

“Approximately, probably, perhaps are not so great words. I tend to be exact“.
Personal characteristic

Anastasia watches movies in the original, can draw and play volleyball a little bit. Luscious different music sounds from her earphones, on her bookshelf there books in English (she prefers classic science fiction). She has excellent culinary skills. Anastasia is a loco person, she never stops halfway. Right now she is studying some foreign economic activity aspects (as she says, now’s not the time to let into details).

Professional interests

Universal high-level specialist, developed expertise in the area of multimodal transportations.

Interesting fact about me:

Anastasia was born in Kirov. Graduated from a marketing department at G.V. Plekhanov Russian University of Economics in Moscow, specialty “Logistics”.

Veronika Samoylenko

TFL.Vladivostok Head of Client Service Department

“I came to the interview in TFL one hour earlier. I just do not like to be late“.
Personal characteristic

Have you ever seen a singing girl behind the wheel of a car? It might have been Veronika. She likes to bake cakes, pour herself some tea and read. She writes verses. Watches horrors. Rights now she is improving her professional level in the sphere of container transportation logistics.

Professional interests

She specializes in container transportation from China, Korea and Japan – to the capital of the country and other regions, with various options of customs clearance (Moscow, Vladivostok, Belorussia).

Interesting fact about me:

She was born in Primorye region, near Ussuriysk. She received higher education on the specialty “Organization of Transportation and Management on the Water Transport“, majoring in Transport Logistics and Multimodal Transportation.

Sergey Godlevsky

Specialist of the Department for Developing Relationships with Clients TFL.Vladivostok.

“I do my best to work in a simple, reliable and honest manner. Usually it is equal to working well“.
Personal characteristic

Sergey is a football enthusiast (a fan and a player) and an avid reader of the science fiction (including Russian one). Right now, he is almost certainly listening to music, which accompanies him always and everywhere – any good music, which elicits emotions, literally from Tiesto to Slipknot.

Professional interests

Expert knowledge of such groups of commodities as: metalware, machines, diesel generators, auto parts, fabric. He enjoys working with China – in his opinion it is “the country of opportunities”.

Interesting fact about me:

Sergey was born and works in Vladivostok. He is a practical man – he considers personal experience and deep knowledge of the specifics of the line of activity to be the important factors of success.

Valentina Diachenko

TFL.Vladivostok Client Service Specialist

“I am concerned about your cargo – because for the time of delivery it becomes sort of my cargo“.
Personal characteristic

A conqueror of the most beautiful summits of Primorsky region, seeker of adventures, tourist and traveler – Valentina has a hobby of photography, drawing pictures, dancing and skiing. Right now, she (for sure) worries about yet another cargo, although we are confident that everything is OK with it.

Professional interests

She treats every shipment as a unique one – therefore she loves to work absolutely with all groups of commodities and absolutely in all directions … every time, mind you, she finds something new for herself.

Interesting fact about me:

Valentina is a native of Nakhodka, in Primorsky region. She graduated from the Vladivostok Branch of the Russian Customs Academy majoring in “Customs Affairs“.

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TFL is the largest company in the logistics service market.

More information
Customs Clearance
Logistics Solutions
Consolidated Cargo
TFL. We provide advantages

You have never dealt so comfortably with a logistics company. Consult the expert knowledge of our team.

Count upon our company’s long-term experience. Rely on a keen understanding of specific nature of the Asian-Pacific Region. Use the opportunities provided by TFL’s tremendous own resources – from a truck fleet to a customs representative’s certificate.

And the most important, be sure that you deal with the company that is trying to exceed any of your expectations.

Because we do not just deliver.
We provide.

The company started its business in 2005. Having passed a long way of development, TFL has gained a unique experience and gathered truly best and reliable partners.
Today, we are an expert in logistics and customs clearance in the Asian-Pacific region, and provide our clients with truly outstanding opportunities.
TFL Today
01Unique Experience
02Reliable Partners
03Expert in APR
01 Unique Experience
Over the years, the company has implemented a number of projects
This enabled TFL to gain a unique, extremely valuable experience for a logistics company.
Maintenance of the company’s own sea berth
Launching of the company’s own container trains See recommendation of Russian Railways, OJSC
Management of the company’s own high cube containers fleet
Establishment of a road transportation division in Moscow and VladivostokAssets include 47 truck tractors

Point of pride

Leading industries choose TFL

Yes. Exactly we have been chosen as an official representative in the Far Eastern region by Zim Integrated Shipping Ltd (ZIM).

Zim Integrated Shipping Ltd

the global leader among shipping companies making the Top 20 largest sea lines ( Alphaliner-2017 rating).

TFL – volume record-breaker

Carrying out complete customs clearance and cargo transportation services, we are the only company in the Far Eastern region that serviced

2 500

containers with
forwarded cargo
per month.

TFL is a logistics company with a wide coverage territory
TFL.Customs Representative

Under brokerage agreement [view tariff], under your agreement.

Any types of commodities at any customs stations.

TFL.Logistics Solutions

We render forwarding services.

All ways of transportation to any place of the world.

Any cargo types and volumes.

TFL.Motor Carrier

Own truck fleet consisting of 47 truck tractors: Scania, Volvo Trucks, Mercedes-Benz, MAN.

TFL.Consolidated Cargo

Delivery small cargoes from 1 kg.

02 Reliable Partners
We are recommended by professionals We are proud of our partners.
We value every client.
We greatly appreciate recommendations.
One of the most responsible partners of the Far Eastern Directorate on managing the terminal and warehouse complex of the Russian Railways (JSC Russian Railways) is TFL Company (TFL Co., Ltd).

Several projects have been implemented together with TFL. Thus, the company has initiated organization of movement of the new container trains within the boundaries of the Eurasian Economic Union, acting as an operator of this project. Doing this not only allowed to increase the cargo turnover in the terminal and warehouse complexes of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Railway, but also contributed to their fast modernization.

Professional attitude of the TFL employees to the work with the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Railway and thorough knowledge of the specifics of the management of the terminal and warehouse complex, allowed to form and organize shipment of container trains on the agreed routes without delay within the exactly specified time periods.
We consider TFL to be our valuable and priority partner, whom we can recommend as a contractor for carrying out even the most complicated assignments.
See a recommendation
We would like to express our gratitude to TFL for responsible approach to work and irreproachable financial discipline.

As one of the biggest in Russia private leasing companies, Siemens Finance LLC thoroughly studies potential partners aspiring to receiving financing – paying, in particular, considerable attention to the accuracy, exactness, and conscientiousness of such partners.TFL Company has long been cooperating with the international team of professionals of Siemens Finance LLC, and, undoubtedly, has demonstrated in work all these qualities.

We hope for maintaining and further strengthening of the established mutually beneficial cooperation.
See a recommendation
The insurance company Gelios LLC (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) hereby confirms a high level of logistic services rendered by TFL Co.,Ltd.» (hereinafter “TFL”).

Despite the fact that the Company provides TFL with the service of cargo insurance, it should be noted that on the part of the Company a minimal number of cases related to applying for insurance compensation has been recorded. By assessments of the Company, the above-mentioned fact characterizes TFL as reliable, highly professional and responsible partner in logistics.

The company wishes to its partner prosperity, and to the clients of TFL – guaranteed confidence and bright prospects!
See a recommendation
Dear Sergey Vladimirovich!

JSC VTB Leasing would like to express gratitude to you and your company for fruitful cooperation. During the time of our cooperation, your company has proven to be a reliable client. TFL Co., Ltd makes all the leasing payments on time and in full volume, which testifies to the high level of financial discipline in the company.

We hope for further development and strengthening of our mutual relationships.
See a recommendation
Dear Sergey Vladimirovich!

JSC Volvo Vostok (Volvo Trucks Russia) would like to express to you our sincere gratitude and deep appreciation of fruitful cooperation.

We believe in preservation of the established business relationships, and hope for the future mutually beneficial cooperation. We wish to you successful development and achieving new heights in business.

Volvo Trucks Russia
See a recommendation
Spetstechnika LLC, an official dealer of Scania in the Far East, recommends TFL.

The professional cargo-handling equipment Scania operated by the logistics company TFL, undergoes regular maintenance and is kept in excellent condition, which is confirmed by the periodic monitoring data. The experience of operating our equipment allows us to say with confidence – the standards of work adopted in TFL Company actually guarantee to the clients a minimal level of delays in delivery due to technical failures.

Spetstechnika LLC, an official dealer of Scania in the Far East, recommends TFL as a highly qualified and conscientious team, which pays a lot of attention to the matters of ensuring reliability of the logistical support of delivery.
See a recommendation
Autoport LLC, an official dealer of MAN equipment, has been cooperating for a long time with TFL – logistics company, deservedly considered as one of the leaders of the regional market.

We would like to point out that employees of the company have proven to be real experts in the sphere of freight transportation.

We are especially pleased that the company with such reputation gives preference to MAN brand, as one of the reliable solutions available on the market.

Autoport LLC recommends TFL with confidence to all clients interested in high-quality and reliable delivery!
See a recommendation
You can get to know better TFL’s partners and clients in our section Cases and Facts under the heading Reliable Players . Probably some of them will be true and reliable companions for you and your business.
If you have time,
you can see All publications
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Команда TFL на выставке TransRussia 2023: Итоги и цели.
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Делимся итогами выставки и планами на будущее.

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Expert in APR
TFL — предоставляет
комплексный сервис на
ключевых маршрутах из Азии
Расположение головного офиса на Дальнем Востоке, в месте выгрузки, наличие сети иностранных агентов и развитых морских линий – ключевые факторы эффективной работы по азиатским направлениям.
Специалисты TFL говорят на китайском языке и знают специфику работы с АТР
TFL’s statistics for 2017-2018
We have already done it, which means we know all the peculiarities
102 cities worldwide, whereto and wherefrom we delivered and picked up cargo
216 types of commodities transported for different business areas View a product list
22 countries involved in logistics routes
TOP 9 branches of
our clients'

business for which TFL provides cargo customs clearance and delivery services:

Industrial equipment


Sport articles

Products for children

Fabric and textiles

Garden equipment

Building materials

Electronic home appliances

Furniture and decorative components

In recognition of our acquaintance

We have prepared the study: "Logistic solutions for different tasks"

Where the material should be sent?

Why clients
choose us

TFL’s advantages such as a long-term experience, significant own resources, expert knowledge and a deep understanding of a specific nature of the Asia-Pacific Region, enable the Company to provide its clients with wide opportunities.

I Want to Become Your Client
Cost optimization opportunity

For example, when ordering the service packages such as «Customs & Logistics».

Payment of cargo upon receipt*

This enables to operate the funds of TFL’s credit line, other than own free funds.

*with certain volumes/money turnovers
Advantages of dealing with strong global partners

Cargo will remain safe in any continent, anywhere in a supply chain, with any transportation method.

Access to TFL’s opportunities

By implementing the “Developing Together” program, we assist the Client in having access to the Company's own partner network and other Clients.

Price freezing opportunity

TFL guarantees the maintenance of agreed prices and is ready to incur expenses in the event of change in the market situation.

Do you value your time and would like to get down to the specific details?

Please describe your tasks to us – our manager will call you back and offer a solution. For your convenience, we have prepared this intuitive understandable form.

It is not very convenient for you to talk over the phone at the moment?

A TFL employee will clearly and quickly consult you online.